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Post by Davadaam »

I have the 2024 Honda ZR-V Sport, love the drive and comfort. I have minor irritation with car in that, I have to deselect the Driver Safety features every time I use the car. I have been driving for 50 years and find these devices annoying. If I deviate from my lane to overtake a parked car - the system "nudges" me (wrongly!! - does my car want me hit the parked vehicle?) with a gentle wobble on steering wheel. The audible alert for over-speed in a controlled road is not heard by me (I have hearing issues that means I hear nothing from the audible alert) my wife does complain - but she is a passenger!
The various driver assist modes I don't use and where I can switch them off (each journey mind!) I fail to understand why I can't have them off till I re-select them - if they are so necessary, how am I able to switch them off each start up?
I understand EU directives at al. but common sense dictates - if there is a desire from the powers that be that such Driver Assist technology is beneficial, I understand - a simple prompt at start up "Do you want to leave Driver Assistance off" would save me the bother of again deselecting three modes of unwanted safety prompts - that I will switch off anyway. So an unnecessary minor annoyance. I don't blame Honda, but common sense should prevail.
Anyone with an easier solution to this minor "beef" would be much appreciated - 'specially the audible over speed warning tone - for my wife's sake and driving enjoyment.
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Unfortunately, the safety systems have to be enabled at the start of each journey in order to be a factor in the safety rating. This problem is shared with the other recent Honda vehicles but Honda has made some improvements over the years - my 2022 HR-V is less intrusive than a 2020 Crosstar. You can check in the vehicle settings for any options to make the warn less aggressive.
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Post by Davadaam »

Thanks for your comment.
Still makes no sense though as I simply have to re-enter my preferences for Driver Safety - so I re-iterate, what is the point of mildly frustrating the car owner by requiring an additional few extra steps to remove unwanted apps. or systems from my driving experience.
I am unconvinced by any argument to "comply with safety...." that can so easily be navigated around and are therefore nothing more than minor niggles before every journey - I don't trust a system (for example) that tries to nudge me towards a parked car when I move into the adjacent lane to avoid collision - if a pedestrian or animal strayed into my lane - my last thought would be to indicate a lane change before actually swerving out - the "safety" logic of the car's systems cannot (and never will IMHO) replace driver competence and reaction (note I don't include bad drivers in that point!).
So I will endeavour to have a senseless "rule" removed by contacting the relavent bodies in the hope there still are people with a modicum of common sense out there - compliance with idiotic and circumventable "rules" should not be allowed to continue unchallenged.
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Post by Steve_m »

Perhaps you need to familiarise yourself with the EU regulation 2019/2144 with relation to the implementation of the General Safety Regulation and the type approval of vehicles for use on the road (WVTA) ... 4-20220905

Article 6 - Item 2 relates to Intelligent Speed Assist
Article 7 - item 4 relates to Lane Keeping Assist

It's good light bedtime reading.
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Post by Davadaam »

Thanks for your reply.
Ah yes, EU regulations, no doubt penned by British Lawyers. I've scan-read the legislation and it simply reinforces the point I make.
Legislating for Safety devices (what ever flavour) is always a "big-brother"/state enforced requirement. I do note the legislation dances around making them mandatory - talking about the driver being able to switch them off BUT require the re-initialising at the next start-up - to what end I ask?
I said it was a minor irritation, but I am rapidly speeding up the deselection of the three modes I do not like before before I hit the road.
I do see software support in vehicles having its place for younger, inexperienced drivers - absolutely, but it ain't right for me. its a distraction and many others share my point of view on the matter.
Yes, I have to "suck it up" but I will always voice my opinion on this and many other matters, not to "rock the boat" but simply to have a voice amongst the ever increasing bureaucracy encroaching into our everyday lives.
I learned to drive my car, be courteous and appreciate other road users, adjusting my driving to road conditions - the day that AI operated vehicles become the norm, a few steps from what we are discussing here, is when I surrender my licence.
Even now, the problems of identifying who (or indeed what) is at fault in a road collision is becoming mudded by technology - in self drive cars, who do you blame for accidents - the programmer of the software, the car manufacturer or the driver - it will be a litigation nightmare.
Anyhow - nice discussing matter with you
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Post by Muttley »

You are complaining about the safety devices fitted to this vehicle, and advising us of your 50 years driving experience, when you and i learn't to drive the roads and vehicles were totally different then. However why did you buy this car, did you not do your due diligence prior to purchasing the vehicle and check all these things out, go for test drives etc.
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Post by Coatesy66 »

Two ways to resolve your issues.
1. Don't break the speed limit.
2. Lane keep assist can be turned off in seconds using the dial on the steering wheel. This can be done after you move off.

In time you will not notice the chimes of you break the speed limit. I've had mine 4 months and i don't even notice the chimes anymore.
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