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I just received my first BEV and thought I would post a little review after the first 150 miles of ownership :)

OK I picked up my new e:Ny1 Advance yesterday (pics attached) First impressions are really good, especially given as it has such poor reviews on YouTube etc. Build quality is usual Honda, very good and well though out but also has a few Honda quirks such as the rather pointless rear sunroof shades lol (who thought that was a good idea??? lol) Ergonomically and visually the interior is almost perfect and so much nicer than many Korean or Chinese and similar BEVs with their 'starship' designs (OK maybe I'm getting long in the tooth and old lol). It feels surprisingly roomy (especially in the back!). Well appointed does not cover half of the goodies that come standard in the Advance model and even the usually 'intrusive' driving aids are not too bad! Now that Honda have slashed £5k off the asking price of this car and allowing for the insane level of goodies fitted as standard, it starts to make quite good value and a far more sensible purchase than on its original release. One worry was the range, many testers stating very poor real world results... I have been getting around 3.8-4km per kilowatt, admittedly that's in Eco mode, only light use of the AC and fairly sedate driving, but not without some fun occasionally in sport mode trying out the power 🙂 This is pretty close to the stated 256 mile range. Of course no heat-pump, so winter will see this drop a good amount, but it has eased my fears about winter range considerably! Performance is really quite impressive given its a family small SUV although as some testers did report, 200BHP with a linear torque curve of an EV does overpower the front tires quite easily, but nothing scary and rather good fun!


I'm struggling to understand the lack of love for this car, yes its no Type R, nor is it a high end luxury wagon, but for a solid all rounder, family SUV with a stylish if understated look and great features baked in as standard I am super happy with my purchase (and I tried a LOT of cars before I went for the 'Erny' lol


I hope this might be of use to anyone thinking about this car... Try one, you may be surprised :) 



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Congratulations on your new Honda.
I am sure you will LOVE electric driving.

I looked at it when it was full price and discounted it as it was over £40k and therefore is liable for £500+ RFL for 5 years, next year when EVs are charged RFL .

Compared to what I bought...
71 reg one lady owner, extremely low mileage Kia eNiro 4+ (top of the range) £29k.
Kia quote 282 miles per full charge in it's 64Kw battery. In the summer I always get over 305miles per full charge and yesterday I got 292 miles for a 90% charge. @61deg Fahrenheit.
I regularly get over 4 sometimes 5 miles per Kw. MILES not Kilometres!
I drive to all speed limits and lots of fun ;) No M/ways in Dorset admittedly.
It has a SEVEN year warranty (4 years left from next October.)
Brilliant app and internet connection with free satnav updates all for SEVEN years.
I can control charging remotely, lock/unlock/ see where the car is parked anywhere in the country all on the app which works faultlessly.
It has all the electronic safety gizmos known to man including cross traffic alert ,blind spot warning, camera of course and front and rear sensors,
Leather upholstery 4 heated seats, front cooled as well (if we ever get any summer) and steering wheel. Drivers seat 2 memory electric control with lumbar support and auto slide too and fro, for egress/ingress, very useful for my 6ft large frame. OPENING sunroof.
I could go on, but won't for fear of boring you all.
I'll just finish by saying out of the 79 cars I have owned the eNiro is THE BEST one, in all respects!
I will never entertain another I.C.E. car!
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