Fan blower speed inconsistent & window switch temperamental!

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Post by Claret-Mac »

Evening all,

I have 2 main issues with my 2019 Honda HRV, that I am hoping someone can help me out with.

1) Fan blower speed inconsistent.
When I have my blowers on, the speed seems to be inconsistent, so when I accelerate the fan blower speed slows down, and when I come off the throttle the fan blower speed increases. This is super annoying, especially when trying to get the car cooled down on a hot day. I have seen a couple of comments regarding this elsewhere, but nothing definitive, but they suggested that it may be a honda thing and linked to fuel economy?
This seems a little unlikely to me because surely the fan blowers should blow at the desired speed constantly??

2) On my drivers window control panel (electric windows all round), my drivers window switch is really temperamental, again really annoying! Does anyone happen to know if I could replace that switch on its own, or would it be a new control panel complete? I had a quote from honda for a new one, and sod paying that price when the car is on PCP and will be getting sent back either at the end of the duration (next year) or as soon as finances allow!

Are there any tests I could do on the fan blower system to see if it is an electrical fault?
Does anyone happen to know a relatively cheap place to get a replacement window switch / control panel, if and when this one really packs up!?

Any help or advice would be appreciated, and apologies if this has already been asked previously.

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John Ratsey
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Re 1, have you got Econ enabled? This tends to make heating / cooling less effective by increasing the allowable difference between target and actual temperatures.

Re 2, I see several HR-V drivers' window switch panels on ebay - perhaps from pranged vehicles.
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Post by Claret-Mac »

Hi John,

No I don't have econ switched on. But I do wonder if it is some Honda thing and linked to fuel economy in some way...but then it almost seems the wrong way round and you would expect fan speed to increase when accelerating then decrease when decelerating but mine is the other way round!

Wonder if any other HRVs have this issue? Tempted to go the garage and test drive a couple to see if they do the same.

I mentioned it to the garage when I was last in and they said yeah its right to do that but feel a bit fobbed off as doesn't seem right to me!
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Post by beardyrich »

Is your fan on the ‘Auto’ setting? This can vary the fan speed. I’m also having problems similar to you with my drivers window switch. I think the complete switch panel needs to be changed. Anyone else ever changed a drivers window switch?
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Post by Username_278 »

We have a broken drivers window switch in our 2016 hrv. ... media=COPY

These look like they might be correct, I haven't had a chance to take the door card apart to look at the old one yet.

Does anyone know if this is correct or do they a part number or somewhere to search for the part numbers
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