Catalytic convertor problems

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HI, I'm new, I'm Steve.
I have a Honda Accord salon 54 plate and sadly thieves have cut my catalytic convertor off my exhaust whilst in was outside a garage having its clutch replaced.
My garage have tried to source a cat but it doesn't fit as a replacement was welded on but, typically was a bigger cat than the one my current garage had found. So they are looking now for the whole exhaust system, as this seems our only hope!
So I'm asking if anyone knows where I might get a whole exhaust system..I'm in Salisbury, wilts UK. The car is in good nick for its age, very little rust and would have passed it MOT if not for the cat being worn was rubbish to start with.
I'm told they asked many dealers etc and all said the same, all the cats had been cut out, hence why the car had been sent to a breakers yard. Its such a shame. I've had it 10 yrs and goes well.
many thanks

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