Replacement Power Steering Hose Honda CRV MK2 2.2 Diesel

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Hi all,

I have a leak in the power steering hose of my CRV MK2 2.2 Diesel 2005-2006 RHD. Please see the attached image for where it is leaking and image of what the whole part looks like.

I took my car to the garage and they couldn't get any genuine replacement parts so they wouldn't fix it. I have been looking online but I can only see replacements for either 2007 Honda's, 2006 Petrol or LHD 2006 diesels, but non for my model.

Does anyone know where I can get an exact replacement part or another model that will fit or how to fix the hose?

Otherwise my only other option is for me to go the wreckers.



Screenshot 2024-06-25 200050.png

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Post by Steve_m »

Maybe you can get someone like Pirtex to repair the hose.
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