Spotted an 11th generation (2022) Honda Civic on a test drive

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I know this is a HRV forum but don't really have anywhere else to share this so hope no one minds!
I was driving last night on the Queensway heading out of Birmingham when I spotted a car with American plates. That threw me a bit because I've never seen real American plates in the UK before. I realised it was a Honda... And as I drew closer it struck me that it could only be the brand new Civic coming out late '22. I have no idea what it's doing here with American plates of all things but it sure as hell gave me a massive buzz. It was a light blue in colour and looked very smart. Like the current iteration with all the busy-ness removed in detailing. It's quite a big car too. Wish I could have taken pics but it was just me driving and it wouldn't have been safe (or legal). I wonder what it was doing here?

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